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Selecting the proper dance shoes

Selecting the proper dance shoes

Selecting the proper dance shoes for any occasion is always a tricky proposition for both men and women. If you have attended any type of events that requires some type of function, and then dancing afterwards then you know the importance of this process. As an example, if you attend a wedding reception or a prom and are planning to dance thereafter, them you definitely need to select the proper shoes to be able to be comfortable for both. Having great heels is fantastic for the picture portion of the evening, but when dancing, you do not want to be in those shoes.

If you really want to have some confidence that those shoes you will be wearing in the evening will be comfortable for the big dance event,Make sure your spend a good amount of time with them preparing your feet and making sure they get use to those, while using them. For example, try dancing in them around the house at various hours of the day and night. Make sure they is no rubbing or blistering as a result. Make sure there is no pinching.  Remember, you really want to be the last one standing on the dance floor later in the evening. 

One thing I have seen lots of people use, is they will bring two pair of shoes, each for its own purpose. If the event is at a casual enough venue and the burden of bringing an extra pair of shoes is not too hard, they will sneak a second pair of dance shoes in little bag or keep it in the car or place them in advance at some other room at the venue.

However, not every venue or event is appropriate for this type of strategy. That's why it is always a good idea to ask the host or the organizer if this could be a possibility.

But in case you cannot sneak that second pair of shoes in, here are a few approaches you can take to. Recommendations for heel height are that 2 inches are actually the best for providing arch support and foot health in addition to comfort. Yes, this means that this height is actually recommended over wearing flats. You’ll also want to make sure there is plenty of room in the toe area so that your foot has a little breathing space without allowing room to rub and potentially blister. In other words a snug (but not tight) fit is preferable to shoes that fit loosely. You should have your shoes for the big event properly sized. 

You might want to check out dance stores in an around your hometown and see what they have to offer. They make shoes that are first and foremost designed to be danced in. They also make some very sassy shoes that are completely appropriate for formals and would be quite suitable to wear to a wedding or prom. The important thing is that you take the time to find shoes that you feel will be comfortable for dancing without sacrificing the look you are attempting to put together.


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